Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Candle Light

Candle light,
flickering Candle light,
Swaying in the breeze,
Lighting up our eyes.

Under a starry night,
In a greeny meadow,
with a River coursing by,
And a Candle in the centre.

Sitting cross-legged,
On the grass facing each,
the naughty River chattering by,
A lone bird chirping lonely.

Sitting cross-legged,
Me and She, holding hands,
The  candle between us,
Our centre of the world.

In the nippy starry night,
Soft carressing warmth,
from the flickering candle,
Two hearts warming up, to,
One Another.

The river chattering by,
Two smiles glowing,
Warms up the candle,
Wax it sweats more.

Sitting cross-legged facing each,
Fingers on the Other lips each,
Stealing kisses with such ease,
Poor Candle droops its flame, 
With shyful shame!

Starry sky fading away,
Dawn making its way,
A lone bird chirping lonely,
Flys away, seeking a duet.

The sun intrudes me and she,
the candle coughs its last breath,
It goes pufffffffff , with a smoke,
And So leaves our secret tryst,
Without any trace.

Based On A true story, Yet to Happen!! :D

Monday, March 23, 2009

Close Your Eyes

->   Close your eyes,  <-
And, What do you see?

<-  Nothing,  -> 
I'd rather want to Feel. 

->   To look Inside  <-
Is also to feel,
that might be hiding,

<-  Let is be so hidden,  ->
Better not to, 
Seek Nor See. 
Experience it, 

 ->   These are those,  <-
 Which are 
 Ought not to be sought,
 But are those which
 Can Only be,

In Conversation with a Friend.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The First Fall

Today was the day,
time to go,
time to depart.
I woke up.

trying to gulp,
food and water,
the heart pounding,
round the neck. 

Walking towards it,
shivering, getting numb,
try to wander away,
but once along the flow,
there is no other way.

pearls of perspiration,
drooping along the face,
screams flying in the distance,
scare me spirits away.

Sitting in the chair,
fastening me tight,
now no escape,
now no fight.

It begins slow,
Go up and up,
my senses plummet,
down and down.

At the peak,
A brief moment of silence,
And the great free fall.

Time just flew by,
And so did I,

My first roller-coaster ride,
And yes,
I am still ALIVE! 

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chubby Cheeks

Those were the days,
they said he was healthy,
when he was a baby,
said he was plump,
when he was a boy,

but now, they whispered,
oh how fat is he.

he cycled to work,
walked about for errands,
always the stairs, never the lift,
whatever he may lose,
his weight never lost him.

he looked at himself,
and at people around,
some were like him,
many were not,

he looked more, 
closing his eyes,
he cribbed and flipped,
pulled at his hair,
banged his head,
with all this movement
he fell from his bed.

fell flat on his stomach,
and probably bounced once,
and then, unexpectedly,
he burst out in laughs

now who could have 
enjoyed such a fall,
only me, only me.