Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I LoVe YoU

oh yes,
I love you,
I do, I do, I do.

so lucidly delectable,
so savouringly succulent,
so unabashedly indulgent.

your scintillating fragrance,
your irresisitble magnetism,
your cogent seductive traps.

with you,
Saturated I am.
without you,
Emaciated I am.

With You,
My senses go Wild.
Without you,
My my, I go blind.

Do not test me more,
I surrender, I succumb,
Come tingle these buds more,
Come bring them to life once more!

Monday, November 24, 2008

khwaja mere khwaja

khwaja mere khwaja,
sing and i sway,
dil mein samaaja,
come elevate me,
shahon ka shah tu,
you are the lord,
ali ka dulara,
the emotions that prevades us all.

tere darbaar mein khwaaja,
in this vastness of space,
noor ko hai dekha,
the beam of effulgence,

tere darbaar mein khwaaja,
in the limitless bound,
sar jukate hain auliyan,
ego disappears.

chahne se tujko khwajaji,
yearning for you in earnest,
oh khwajaji,
grasping only these threads,
of music left behind,

mustaffa ko paaya,
I transcend,
I disappear,
I exists no more..


in the midst,
of this sea of squalor,
a sordid path I walk on,

so much a part of me,
I wonder,
will it ever break asunder,

I wonder,

what is this?
a sense? a perception?
why the distinction?
here this mirth and filth,
and there,
the freshness and sweetness,

why? why?
why this urge to purge?

there, here, everywhere,
that which is within,
is wrought out,

from the depths,
where we cannot to,
reach out.


ONE word,
The World.

The One Question,
No One Answer.

A zillion variables,
Nothing ever certain.

A string of individual moments,
Bound by allotted time.

A struggle, an instinct, a dream, a lackadaisical chore.
A passion, a pain, a chimera, a heaven.

One huge mass, a big bang
An endless expansion, creation and destruction.

A Surrealistic harmonic dance,
Rhythm reverberating pace. 

A concoction of the elements, 
A random combination and lo! Behold!

Life, life everywhere,
An urge to survive, to learn, because it is there.

Past, present, future,
Ideas, thoughts, and more to pour.

An end? A random end?
What does this serve it all in the end?

Another question, but it’s just the same.
All are essentially the same.

The one question,
No one answer.

It won’t change.
It’ll always remain the same.