Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dream Girl

It was the stubble
That was the hurdle.
Time was running out,
He had to get out.

A quick shave in haste,
With this and that paste,
Gets his cheek to shine, 
It was well past nine.

Last flick to his hair,
Makes sure of his flair,
A slap of perfume,
He felt armed with plume.

To impress, he climbed
Into bed, wide eyed,
For it was the night,
His dream girl, come might.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Passionate Woods

Walk with me,
In these woods,

A carpet of 
Dried leaves,
Crackle in murmurs
Insinuating passions,
We walk by.

An erect root,
Plunging into
The moist earth,
Trips Us Against
Its tree trunk,
We pause.

On this bed of
Wood, we wed,
Creepers sprout
from my hands,
Entwine you
Garland you
I pause.

A sweeping breeze
Chants, Enchants,
Blows your hair,
Exposing your
Sacrificial neck
You look to
The skies,
You pause.

A thousand leaves,
Kiss above,
A thousand rays,
Rain from the gaps 
of their lips,
Strike you,
Bless us,
They pause.

A moment of 
Two hearts beat
Into One,

Monday, September 3, 2012

Words, Only Words

me cast
A   net   of
words to draw you 
near, hoping that you will
maybe  lend an ear to what
they wish to say, Let me also
make some space here    just a little so
that your eyes can peep through it and enter
into  A maze of thoughts by their twists and turns.
Fret not now,these few lines won't grow much longer
for they have been set to one particular meter
that grows by a word and then descends
shedding one word a time till such
A line comes where you are
left dangling all alone In
sudden desertion by the
very words that
wished you

Friday, August 31, 2012

My Love, My ..........

Breathe Over Me
A lilting breeze,
Just so cold,
A naked skin,
Would be fond.

Sprinkle over me
Tiny Orbs of Drops,
Just so small,
A naked skin,
Would adorn.

My Love, My Bangalore

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


A door awaits you,
Find it.
A door awaits you,
Enter it.

A door
That guards not,
To keep you away..
That stands only,
To guide you this way..
That draws you,
To whisk you away..

As you approach, knock not,
It flings its arms open
in welcome.

Pause a moment,
ponder over,
the trail you've
left behind

Close your eyes,
let the wind
Carry you over to
the other side.

As you cross the border
Of two worlds,
Place your finger,
A delicate touch
On the door,
Like a groom does
to A bride,
Suffuse it's weathered
body and soul with
An imprint of
your life,

Let it breathe In
your travails,
into its grains,

Let go your finger,
Enter it, And

photo details:
Evening at  Chanoutha Village
Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh