Friday, August 12, 2011


The Lashing Rain froths up a Calm,
A Placid Peace Prevails in its Noise.

No, its Music. As a Million Beats
Throb the Muddy Ground, Coaxing out a Kiss.

They Stand 'neath a tree, Seeking Refuge
from Invading Drops, that Only Suck them Closer.

She welcomes his Arms around her, A fortress
that he builds, under his brooding brows.

He envies the promiscuous drops, as they cheat
their way onto Her Lips, Leaving behind,
A Trail of Lust, which he Furtively Follows,
with a trembling delicate invisible finger..

He claims her succulent treasure, as she surrenders,
not with shame, but with a burning flame,
That Devours. And when the rain seeks recompense,
they bite a small nip, and Ooze a drop of blood,
that falls along, A sacrifice, to satiate the rain-drops,
with their share of Life, and they leave to scourge,

For another Place, For another Pair,
For another Drop..

0230 hours