Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Of A Lost Love..

A familiar fragrance 
that stings,
A comforting embrace 
that wrangles,
Memories of a Lost Love,
Will you never bid me Adieu.

Traces of Trinkets 
that Prick,
Places of passion,
where ghosts now haunt,
Memories of a Lost Love,
Will you never bid me Adieu.

That time of the night,
Where your Voice left a Void,
That moment of Life,
When two Loves lost way..   

Memories of a Lost Love,
Please bid me Adieu.

Happy Valentine's Day

Friday, February 10, 2012


A Crescent arrives,
Hinting a full moon.

A full moon, 
At whose sight, 
My mind goes restless.

Sighting a shadow, 
thinking it to be you,
This heart,
Lets out a lightening.


Where is My poem,
The one I wrote in my dreams.
Did it melt in my eyes,
Or did the Dawn wipe it away.

Find me my poem now,
Or at least return me my dream.


In the evenings' dusk, 
In the by-lanes of my mind,
I search for the lost face.

In the tarred streets,
That melt in the heat,
The love-lorn flower withers.

With each drop of rain
Shed from A cloud,
I search for you,

In the breaking waves,
I search in pain,
For the lost love..

If I see your beautiful face once,
Satisfied I will be, with peace.


With a finger tip,
I shall touch you,
And be born a hundred times over.


That one look, 
That one voice,
That one touch I yearn for.

The heat of that breath,
That drops A kiss, 
Wishing it forever, i sweat.

The sweat drenched shirt of yours, 
I wish the smell sticks to me..

When your face blossoms for me,
The pleasure,
that pricks the cheek, 
I ask for.
I ask for..

Made of Stone, 
this heart of mine,
I said, to you, my friend.

Like a flag struck 
into the stone,
You have sprouted in my heart.

A Translation of an "intense" Tamil song..

Song: Enge en Kavithai
Original Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Music: ARR