Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Quartets - I

A Naked Page

She left a hair, Coiled around the Pages of my Book,
I traced a finger, along the Curvy Silky road..
Each letter it touched, lost it's Voice, Disappeared,
Now I stare, A Naked Page, framing a Vestige of her Grace..

A Dip In Bliss

A Damp Dark Night Cloaks Us Into Intimacy,
Making our Ways into Another, Under the Light of Familiarity,
Inching closer to the Warmth, Breathing our Lives into the Other,
Finding No Words to Address Another, We Speak into A Kiss, A Dip in Bliss

Happy Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lady Of Beautiful Eyes

Oh Lady of Beautiful Eyes,
Making Everything Seem so Nice,
Did Magic Make those Eyes?
Or did they make Magic? those Pretty Pretty Eyes..


I looked at them Bleaming Gleaming Eyes,
And wondered If I ever felt so Alive,
One can die a thousand more Lives,,
To be Cradled Alive by the Lady Of Beautiful Eyes..

A couple of Quartets for the Lady Of Beautiful Eyes..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Silly Girl

A silly happy girl was she, her little girl,
Ammi rued, "Ammi Ammi", she screamed,
"Ammi the days are just a few more"
"We are getting a new bride home!"

"Yes Sana, a new bride for us", she smiled into a mirror,
The lady in it looked back at her and corrected
the fake smile with a twitch of her painted lips,
And applied support for lying eyes with dark mascara.

Ammi slaved herself the ensuing days to the ceremony,
She noosed round her head a dupatta to drown
The merry noise of her silly girl who longed for
the bride like a mother does for a new-born ..

Today the Nikaah, Ammi surrendered where she stood
Wilting as holy lines usurped her place and bestowed it,
On the new bride, while her silly girl celebrated and completed,
A happy picture with the bride and her Abba Jaan..

Tonight the first night, Ammi moved out of their room,
She took to her new bed and lay lifeless in a coffin,
Her silly girl entered prancing around, stinging Ammi,
"I am so happy Ammi, a new bride for our home!"

Ammi fought her rage, she is only a silly girl,
Her Abba will now not be her's only now, let alone mine..
Sana's hand circled her from behind, let me alone in grief
she tried a protest, "I waited so long for this Ammi", Sana said.

"I have you now for always, I will never be alone"
"I will never have nightmares, I can talk with you till I sleep"
Ammi gripped on to Sana's hands, drops of tears trickled by,
She wiped them away, faced and pulled her to her bosom.

"Yes silly girl, you have me for always now"

Why I wrote this-

Almost ALL my posts have something to do with my experiences.
This also. It happens that sometimes just before I dip into sleep,
the intermediate stage between consciousness and sub-consciousness,
I imagine things, day-dream. So, one day I imagined a young
girl is happy that her father is getting married again, and her mother
is also in this scene talking to her. After I woke up, I wondered, how can
anyone be happy about this. After some thinking, I found this ending to be
a plausible explanation. what made me imagine such scenarios? I do not know!