Monday, June 6, 2011

Sharpened Pencil

A String Of Haiku Poems that tell A Story:

Sharpened I, My Pencil Twice,
To Carve In A Page,
Letters Of Love, In Rage..

Silence Evades, the Nil Night,
A Rick-shaw sputt-ers,
Dogs Howl, Adding Voice To Noise..

Feets Ache, Sleep Beckons Embrace,
Red Bed Light Nudges,
No, I Stave, A Lyric Waits.

Winds Arouse, Rustles O' Leaves,
Breeze Please, Take my Fees,
Grant me Three Poems, On Lease..

Lux-ury, To Admire Rain, Or
A Fi-ery Lady
In Bed, You Have it Made, Mate!

Sa-ree Clad Beauty in White,
Mad Mon-soons Soak Her,
Gods' Greed Claim Her, Be-fore Me..

Her Lips Tremble in Mur-Murs,
As I Suck Her Breath,
Tremors Can Quake, In Love's Act..

And So the Sa-ga Does End,
Of Leased Mid-Night Poems,
My Pencil Blunts To A Bow..

To Be Sharpened Yet Again,
Twice, Or Maybe Thrice
Perhaps, On Another Night..

"Nights Belong to Poets and Madmen"
Who Might I Be?