Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Photograph

The hair has to set right,
The smile has to be flashy,
The eyes should have that sparkle,
For that Perfect photograph.

He poured over images,
Analysed the parameters,
What has to go in, what out,
For that Perfect Photograph.

He sought out the best shooter,
the best studio, and the best lens,
Everything had to be exclusive,
For that Perfect Photograph.

Why the fuss, why the pain,
Everyone asked him, what is the gain?
A Passport to a World of Opportunities, he said,
An Impression it is, That Perfect Photograph.

The appointment was fixed, the shot was shot,
Come Tomorrow and see, your Perfect Photograph.
He Left, He fell, He tumbled, He left forever,
The Following day, it read,

In Fond Memory,
The man with the perfect photograph.