Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Salt & Pepper

Can Salt be Sweet?
Can Pepper be a Treat?
Can Salt & Pepper be a Feast?

It was a hungry night,
The taste just didn't seem right,
Salt & Pepper, was the invite.

One had one, and the other had the other,
We needed both, to consummate one another,
Salt & Pepper, brought us together.

Adding Salt to bring out the Life,
Adding Pepper to supply it Spice,
Salt & Pepper, gave us an High.

One Cannot always like the same,
You need a Contrast to Compete,
Salt & Pepper made it a Fair Game.

These Two ingredients with, We Tempered,
Our Two lives with, It skilfully Tampered,
Until the Recipe it rendered us, Simmered.

Yes, Salt is Sweet,
Yes, Pepper Can be a Treat.
Yes, Salt & Pepper are a Feast.

The pic above shows actual salt & pepper shakers! :D

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Wait

Oh, i am so famished,
My life is so flushed,
The sun that is scorching,
Me, i am so drooping.

Hot breeze that blows,
Faints me more as it flows,
No blade of grass for a shade,
Am all alone, like a single spade..

I look up and pray,
To see if there is any prey.
I see a dark brown speck yonder,
More here and there, And i turn bolder..

Specks come close, Coalesce to become one whole,
Swallowing one into one another, All into each other.
Gathering strength in their numbers, Growing heavier,
Eclipsing out the Sun, Announcing their arrival.
And then they drop, One by One,
We all look up into the sky, Tiny little Eyes.
And they drop, Uninhibited, Unhinged, Without any bias,
One by One, they drop, for us Corpse and Crops.

As they drop, they bring life,
Forming more little eyes, on the mud they splash,
They breath out life from that very lifeless mud,
That smells so very much of life than anything more.

Now i feel not lone,
I am blown with all this loan.
My wait ends with this high,
as the Rain drops that Fall, makes us others, Fly.....

month of august being special, shall be spiced up with this theme, which is inarguably, a true RTLL- Reason to Love Life....