Monday, June 29, 2009

Ping Pong

Ping pong ping pong,
the red ball to and fro the wall,
Back and forth his hand,
Ping pong ping pong.

Ding dong ding dong,
Answer the door, open it wide,
There stands she in eager. finger on bell,
Ding dong ding dong.

Ping pong & ding dong,
In this echo of confusion,
The balls misses the wall,
And slams on the girl at the door.

Shock runs through his face,
Bewilderement across her's.
Sigh, The first instance they met,
The ball bounces lower, lower and rests.

Ping and Pong, Ping and Pong,
It bounces again, not monotonous like before,
here and there it misses and flies away,
Livelier, not mindful how far or where it goes,

Now there's no wall in between,
Only two smiling eyes,
With a ball dancing in between.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Return Of Investment


Addition of a new member to the family,
A boy, a vehicle to carry forward the family-line,
An evidence of vitality,
an evidence of prayers answered.


All the clothes and all the toys,
All the care he must have, he gets.

The best school, the best tutors,
The safest transport, the weighty-foods,

Additional support, like crutches,
Aid to make him stand on his 2 feet,
that he had all along.


His first paycheck lands,
Probably a token of appreciation,
Provided he is overcome by joy.
---Phase1 of Recovery---

The boy wants a girl, for rest of his life,
or so is the plan, leads to A marriage,
Followed by a lumpsome down-payment,
---Phase2 of Recovery---

Boy+Girl= you know what, Hopefully,
Seemingly the Highest gain,
Satisfaction, But always a desire for more,
To live and watch the next genration of investments.
---Phase3 of Recovery---