Tuesday, July 10, 2012


A door awaits you,
Find it.
A door awaits you,
Enter it.

A door
That guards not,
To keep you away..
That stands only,
To guide you this way..
That draws you,
To whisk you away..

As you approach, knock not,
It flings its arms open
in welcome.

Pause a moment,
ponder over,
the trail you've
left behind

Close your eyes,
let the wind
Carry you over to
the other side.

As you cross the border
Of two worlds,
Place your finger,
A delicate touch
On the door,
Like a groom does
to A bride,
Suffuse it's weathered
body and soul with
An imprint of
your life,

Let it breathe In
your travails,
into its grains,

Let go your finger,
Enter it, And

photo details:
Evening at  Chanoutha Village
Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh


moonlite:D said...

Love you, Nanda :)

just keep writing more for all of us, who read your blog loyally :)

nanda said...

Thank you moonlite.. u r d only loyal reader ;-)

A.Bushan said...

One of your finest yet.

nanda said...

thank you A.Bushan :)