Friday, August 31, 2012

My Love, My ..........

Breathe Over Me
A lilting breeze,
Just so cold,
A naked skin,
Would be fond.

Sprinkle over me
Tiny Orbs of Drops,
Just so small,
A naked skin,
Would adorn.

My Love, My Bangalore


A.Bushan said...

i first thought its some erotic stint again!

nanda said...


moonlite:D said...

lovely poem again,,

but, only one word in the entire poem doesn't fit well - "Bangalore" ;)

nanda said...

thanks moonlite :),
i can't change the name of the city unfortunately. :P

A.Bushan said...

To weave eroticism into everyday observations is a rare talent. Is there any way that you could file these under a common genre?