Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Passionate Woods

Walk with me,
In these woods,

A carpet of 
Dried leaves,
Crackle in murmurs
Insinuating passions,
We walk by.

An erect root,
Plunging into
The moist earth,
Trips Us Against
Its tree trunk,
We pause.

On this bed of
Wood, we wed,
Creepers sprout
from my hands,
Entwine you
Garland you
I pause.

A sweeping breeze
Chants, Enchants,
Blows your hair,
Exposing your
Sacrificial neck
You look to
The skies,
You pause.

A thousand leaves,
Kiss above,
A thousand rays,
Rain from the gaps 
of their lips,
Strike you,
Bless us,
They pause.

A moment of 
Two hearts beat
Into One,


moonlite:D said...

looks like you're in love with the feeling called love with great love and also with nature..


nanda said...

thank you moonlite :)

A.Bushan said...

Very beautifully written. The eye for metaphorical detail is noteworthy! Also traces of eroticism again. ;)
Great going! :)

nanda said...

thank you A.Bushan ! :)