Monday, September 3, 2012

Words, Only Words

me cast
A   net   of
words to draw you 
near, hoping that you will
maybe  lend an ear to what
they wish to say, Let me also
make some space here    just a little so
that your eyes can peep through it and enter
into  A maze of thoughts by their twists and turns.
Fret not now,these few lines won't grow much longer
for they have been set to one particular meter
that grows by a word and then descends
shedding one word a time till such
A line comes where you are
left dangling all alone In
sudden desertion by the
very words that
wished you


moonlite:D said...

I like what you've done there ;)

and I say it's "Anmol Ratan"

nanda said...

thank you moonlight :)

The Blue Periwinkle said...

That was really very nice.

Quite creative.

A.Bushan said...

Real Nice work.
You're growing by the day!

nanda said...

thank you blue periwinkle!

thank you A.Bushan, :)